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How are we currently funded? It comes out of the owners pocket because he pays to support his own troops site as well as various other of his own and family projects.  The biggest cost to him is time and he’s always happy to get a thank you for that and that only, though donations to server costs are always welcome.

If you want to help us out with hosting costs, simply click the button below – it’s run through a 3rd party whom take 5% + $0.30 from the total cost but every penny after that goes into our hosting fund and can’t be spent anywhere else.  There is a £10 minimum fee imposed by the 3rd party therefore roughly speaking 70p goes to paypal, the rest to the hosting.  If the money is not all spent on the annual hosting fee it rolls over to the next year and cannot be withdrawn.  If we ever find ourselves in the circumstances we find the donations rolling into future years, we’ll make a note here.

Donate towards my web hosting bill!

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