Q.) Do you use advertising to generate revenue on our sites?

A.) The only advert we usually add is a link back to ukscouts.org.uk to publicise the service.  We don’t put any other advertising and you’re free to add your own.

Q.) I have an existing website (www.myscoutgroup.com) and want you to host it instead – can you do this?

A.) No problem – but make sure you back up your current site, database and email addresses or you may loose access to them when you switch.  The easiest way is just to point your DNS name servers to ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreamhost.com and ns3.dreamhost.com (who are our current supplier).  If not, you can forward just the web records to us and maintain your own email setup.  This is more complicated and not an easy thing to talk you through.

Q.) I’d like to register a domain name and use that with you.  Can you recommend a good domain name seller?

A.) We have no affiliation with any domain name sellers – but I’d recommend 123-reg.co.uk

Q.) Do you use standard templates?

A.) Yes, on our multisite installations – the custom wordpress and just domain hosting you install it yourself from www.iscout4wordpress.org.uk

Q.) Do you provide FTP access?

A.) Yes, but not on the multisite installations.

Q.) What storage restrictions do you have?

A.) None, nor do we have a problem with bandwidth

Q.) What is your uptime?

A.) Whatever our 3rd party hosting provider provides us with.  We rarely notice long periods of downtime, however don’t expect 99.9% business type uptime – most scout websites don’t need this which is why it’s free hosting.  If you need 99.9% uptime, you’ll be looking at paying for the privilege and sorry, but we no longer offer this option.

Q.) How do I edit my site?

A.) Our sites run WordPress – a free ‘CMS’ (content management system) – this means you login, edit the site online using the control panel to publish your site.  No software is required except an internet browser and it works on pretty much any platform.  We currently work with all sorts of hardware when setting up a site from a Mac, an iPhone and even an old laptop running IE6.0.  Occasionally there are problems with some features on the CMS such as image upload (some old versions of Firefox aren’t compatible with the flash upload) but these are rare and there’s usually another way around the problem.

Q.) What if I’m not satisfied?

A.) As you’ve paid nothing, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.  In all seriousness we’re a small team (between 1-3 people) and occasionally we can’t offer the service we want to give (we have all sorts of crazy commitments like Jobs, families and even running scout camps/meetings) but we’ll always try our hardest to sort out any problems as quick as we can.  As said above, if you want to move (even move your <sitename>.ukscouts.org.uk) we’ll help!